Rashed Mujib Noman
Rashed Mujib Noman

Director of Operations and Head of R&D, Spectrum Engineering Consortium Ltd.
Country Director, Augmedix

Talk Title: Digital and Smart Bangladesh.

Rashed Mujib Noman was born and raised in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Mr. Noman received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). In 1998 he migrated to the USA and received a MS in Engineering from University of South Carolina and MBA in Project Management from New York Institute of Technology. 

Mr. Noman started his career at General Motors as Project Engineer. He also worked at The Boeing Company as the Senior Manager for Operations Control Center focusing on Customer Support, Technical Support, Fleet Monitoring, Reliability, Data Analytics, Prognostic Development, Tools & Process Development, and Business Development. 

He oversees operations and growth initiatives in Augmedix Bangladesh. Augmedix Bangladesh has experienced tremendous growth under his leadership. Recently Augmedix Inc was listed in NASDAQ and he played a major role. 

In parallel, he is serving as the Director of Operations and Head of Research and Development Wing of Spectrum Engineering Consortium Limited. As the Head of Spectrum R&D, he is directly involved in supervising several Frontier Technology research projects, especially in field of Robotics, IoT, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.  

He is a start-up enthusiast and has been investing in several start-ups and mentoring a few. He is working to popularize STEM education in Bangladesh and also focusing in automation, robotics, etc.

He is currently serving as Director (Operations) for Bangladesh Association of Call Centers and Outsourcing (BACCO), Member of the Executive Committee of American Chamber of Commerce in Bangladesh (AmCham) and Vice-Chairman for Bangladesh Freelancer Development Society (BFDS).  He is the founder of the non-profit organization Humanity Worldwide Foundation and has been working to alleviate poverty in Bangladesh.

He is the recipient of Digital Bangladesh Award 2022 in ‘Best Person’ in ‘National Level: General-Private’ category.  

Quazi Zaman
Quazi Zaman

Founder and CEO, CricketPoint

Talk Title: Digitally Transforming a Developing Nation by modernizing Power and Connectivity Infrastructure.

During the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Bangladesh is a nation with aspiration to become a Middle-Income Nation by 2030. Over the past decade, the development in the Power Sector, Mobile Telecommunication, and the Digital Bangladesh aspirations, among others, has positioned the nation for sustainable growth. Bangladesh as the 8th most populous nation in the world with the highest population density in area smaller than 56K square miles. Over the past 14 years, Bangladesh has grown significantly, and the vision of “Digital Bangladesh” has been at the core, in addition to the infrastructure development. 

The three laws of computing, Moore’s Law, Shugart’s Law and Metcalfe Law has intersected to create a digital boom in innovation from the Chip to the system hardware, to Cloud and devices, as things has gotten smaller. Newer technologies in Low Earth Orbit (LEO), Terabit Optical networking and newer Wireless technologies is creating new solutions to make Broadband affordable and available at the edge. In this session, the speaker recommends a Six points strategy is articulated to provide a framework to develop an Intangible economy. 

The panel will look at how the Government of Bangladesh has initiated the development of a Nationwide Fiber Optic Network, then built out the High Tech Parks, creating an ecosystem for Skill Development and infuse the startup ecosystem.

Quazi Zaman is the Founder of CricketPoint, an Angel Investment company providing Strategic Advisory services focusing on Digital Transformation to Start ups, organizations in both private and public sector. He is the first Bangladeshi American who started working for Microsoft, as a Systems Engineer, specializing in Network Security and Secure Messaging, in the early 90s. Today he is helping partners invest in AI, Big Data, Cloud and Cyber Security technologies to build secure and scalable solutions for social impact in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Previously, while working for Unisys and Microsoft for over 25 years, Quazi specialized in the areas of large-scale software development, systems integration, Security and Collaboration on multiple platforms, from Mainframes, minicomputers, PCs to mobile devices to Cloud. He first started his career in 1987 as Software Developer, with Unisys Corporation at the Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). In 1988, he joined the PC manufacturing team and deployed over a Million PCs in the Department of Defense supporting the development of C4I infrastructure over the next 5 years.

After joining Microsoft as a Systems Engineer in the Federal district, Quazi deployed Secure Messaging solution based on Microsoft Exchange Servers at US Federal customer locations around the globeWith his team, he established Active Directory as the directory services of choice among US Federal clients, impacting over 6M users, focusing on Security, Identity Management and Directory Services which led to the development and integration of the Smart card integration, Public Key Infrastructure Services in the Windows Server product, impacting over 3 Billion dollar annual business. Since leaving Microsoft he has supported deployments of Microsoft Lync/Skype for Business/Teams, Office 365/Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 and Azure at clients. ​ At Microsoft, he was responsible for the Microsoft Federal Security Program which enabled Microsoft products to get compliant with Federal security and standards requirements, such as, S/MIME v3, IPv6, LDAP, X.500, etc. This originated the Microsoft Cybersecurity business today. His areas of expertise include building secure scalable solutions with Unified Communication and Cloud technologies. ​

Since leaving Microsoft, he has been investing with his partners in Bangladesh to actualize the Digital Bangladesh dream by supporting building the national fiber optic network, High Tech Parks, skills development and startups in Media and System Integration services.​ 

Currently he is the Independent Director at Link3 Technologies. He is the Co-Founder of Janata Wi-Fi, a startup focusing in democratizing Broadband. He has also invested in several startups, such as Adcast Limited, Magpie Analytics and Biniyog Fintech as a Director. As Technology Investor with software development background, he loves to keep his feet wet in modern and upcoming technologies to identify breakthrough technologies, such as, AI, Block Chain, SDN, 3D Printing, etc. with his team.

Mr. Zaman completed his Bachelors in Management from Chittagong University and pursued his Masters in Computer Information Technology at George Mason University, Virginia, USA.


Email: quazi.zaman@live.com

LinkedIn: Quazi Zaman | LinkedIn