Biography: Dr. A. F. M. Saiful Amin is a Professor of Civil Engineering whose fundamental contributions have resulted in major improvements in the design and performance of bridges, strengthening the noncompliant structures. Dr. Amin focuses especially on improving codes and standards and the construction quality of civil engineering infrastructure. His broad area of interest are, Structural engineering, mechanics, Modeling nonlinear material behavior under large deformation, Finite element implementation of constitutive models, Cement chemistry Forensic engineering. He graduated from BUET in 1996, master of Science in Civil Engineering in 1998 from BUET and Doctor of Philosophy, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Saitama University, japan, 2001. He is presently also working as Member Secretary BAETE and contributing for the future Accreditation of different Engineering programs in Bangladesh and will be the main workforce and catalyst behind moving Bangladesh to become the full signatory of World Engineering Alliance Washington accord.