Prof. Atsushi Inoue, PhD


Talk Title:

Computer Vision for Artificial Intelligence ~Pivotal Roles of Computing with Words


This talk addresses how Computer Vision is, or should be integrated as a part of Artificial Intelligence systems. We often follow the language centered principle based on the ideas in Cognitive Sciences as its pivotal role model. In such a principle, any data need to be corresponding to some form of linguistic descriptions. Data for Computer Vision are no exception. Computing with Words, first introduced by Lotfi A Zadeh in mid 90s, is an emerging paradigm that enables such correspondence between data and linguistic descriptions effectively and efficiently. While its mechanism is explained without equations, its pivotal roles are identified with simple examples. Some system development cases related to Computer Vision and Image Processing are showcased as an impact of this paradigm. Last but not the least, an idea of software platform that should be developed to promote this paradigm is introduced.

Short Biography:

Prof. Atsushi Inoue is specialized in Artificial Intelligence at large and Fuzzy Logic in specific. He earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Cincinnati (USA). He has been affiliated with top-notch industries and institutes in several countries, including Hitachi Ltd. (Japan) and Carnegie Mellon University (USA), for his specialties. He is currently home at Eastern Washington University to enjoy his life with his family in the beautiful evergreen, while serving as a Full Professor of Information Systems and Business Analytics and the Director of the Intelligent Informatics Initiative (I3). He is the Chief Technology Officer, and the Global R&D Leader of the BaaSid Lab., the multinational project across seven countries — Japan, S. Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, China, Australia, and USA since 2018.