Dr. Kala Meah


Talk Title:

Outcome Based Engineering Education—Importance and Processes


This panel will focus on the importance of student/program outcomes for engineering degree programs and processes to achieve the accreditation. According to ABET, an Outcome based education (OBE) makes sure that graduates will have a solid educational foundation and are capable of leading the way in innovation, emerging technologies, and in anticipating the welfare and safety needs of the public. According to the Washington Accord, the OBE establishes and enforces internationally bench-marked standards for engineering education and expected competence for engineering practice. It is clear that accreditation is a key for the quality education. The processes to achieve accreditation is time consuming and requires a tremendous effort from the program and the institution. The panel will discuss and share ideas about the assessment process, which is the key component of the accreditation.

Short Biography:

Dr. Kala Meah is an Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science, Kinsley School of Engineering, Sciences, and Technology at York College of Pennsylvania, USA. Dr. Meah has been involved in ABET assessment process for more than 11 years and had led the process for the Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering programs from July 2017 to July 2019. Dr. Meah was responsible for two ABET self-studies (Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering) for the ABET visit in 2018. Dr. Meah also completed a week-long workshop on Institute for the Development of Excellence in Assessment Leadership (IDEAL) in 2017. Dr. Meah gained firsthand experience on ABET assessment processes and would like to share with other academic leaders in assessment and accreditation. Dr. Meah’s research interest includes adaptive control applications in power systems, renewable energy applications, and engineering education.